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Written Testimonial

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“Thank you very much for the commitment and support you give Signarama casino. It is with this support we grow and develop the skills to drive our business further into the future confidently. This along with other initiatives from UFG ensure us that we are on track for a very big successful 2014.”

– Jason G.

“Thanks for sending Aaron into our store. It really helped us out. Aaron was getting back on track with some great ideas! He did a great job.”

– John S.

“We were searching for a way to get into business, and we searched high & low, found them to be compatible with our needs and what we were looking for to hit our goals and objectives as business owners in the embroidery world. We’ve had great success with the support & training that EmbroidMe has afforded us. We look forward to working with those at the top as well as down to the local field reps.”

– George N.

“I chose EmbroidMe because I liked the concept of the franchise: the way that they have it set up, the support system. We looked at several franchises and everything that we found through EmbroidMe and UFG just fit us perfectly… If you stick to the plan, it’s going to work for you. They really drive that home, so you’re really set up for success.”

– Robin Van M.

“Apple devices are only growing in popularity and the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a business that hadn’t yet made it to North Carolina to help more people to gain access to them was perfect for me.”

– Jeff P.

“I was immediately grabbed by Experimac’s unique approach and felt there was a big hole in the market in offering pre-owned Apple products at the retail level. Experimac fills that hole by giving customers eager for Apple devices a level of access to them that they might not otherwise have.”

– Travis H.

“I think that SuperGreen Solutions is a lot different than the competition, especially in that we provide a complete solution.”

– Victor O.

“UFG does a great job of supporting its franchisees. Primarily one of the big things for me is getting us access to vendors that we might never have access to. UFG is able to grease the skids and make those relationships happen, so that’s a really big benefit for us.”

– Bryan P.

“Transworld is a major brand with proven processes, successful, as well as a part of United Franchise Group, which was in the business world for 30 years. It is supported by industry leaders. This is not a startup. It is a very major and proven processes franchise.”

– Rupesh B.

“I spent four years looking for different franchises, looking to acquire different businesses and that was after a 30 year corporate career in the oil and gas industry. I was very particular about the kind of franchise that I selected and Transworld leadership was something that impressed me, their business model impressed me, and all the stars aligned with Transworld. It worked; it was a good fit for me.”

– Gerry B.

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