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A business model that works in your country

While our Starpoint Brands business models have been proven in dozens of countries worldwide, we know there are geographic, cultural and business variations from one country to the next. We’ll work side-by-side with you to develop a plan of how best to adapt our brand and our model to your country. Our best Master License partners understand their local market, business dynamics and economic forces. We trust your ability to utilize your experiences and combine it with our proven formula for success.

Flexible Opportunities

Flexibility has been the key to out international growth. You can find our brands near the beaches of Australia, in view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and in the bustling cities of India. In each country we have modified the brand to suit the local market. Starpoint Brands is all across the globe and continuing to grow. You could be, too!


International Recon

On becoming a Master License Partner with Starpoint Brands, our international department will work directly with you to identify vendors, research competitors and to prepare our POS system for launch in your country.


Demographic Research

If our demographic study highlights that your country can support our brand, we help with the development and launch of your flagship location and work with you on expansion plans to maximize the franchising opportunities within your country.


Our team of support personnel are located around the world to help you start and grow your franchise organization. They will guide you through the process of becoming a successful Master License Partner with UFG. You’ll benefit from decades of experience in sales, marketing, research, technical knowledge, and more. Your success is at the core of what we do.


We’ve been growing our brands around the world since our first Master License Partnership was granted in 1995. We know what it takes to adapt our systems to different cultures and business climates. We will work with you to adapt our flexible system to the needs and norms in your area.


Becoming a Master License Partner means you will be able to take advantage of multiple revenue-generating streams of income. Not only will you have the opportunity to make a profit on your flagship location but also from selling franchises and earning ongoing royalties. We make sure you are poised to get the greatest return on your investment.


If you like the idea of growing a business in your country while also helping other entrepreneurs to thrive and grow with their businesses, United Franchise Group may be right for you. All of our brands focus on business-to-business opportunities and provide unique ways to make an impact in your area. We offer a turnkey business with a proven system of growth. You’ll benefit from our image, brand awareness, and extensive expertise.

Master License Revenue Streams

As a Master License Partner, you will have many ways to build and grow your brand in your country without the costs and risks of developing a concept from the beginning.

It all starts the day you open the doors of your Flagship Location; this allows you to have an income-generating asset from the very start, earning money for your bottom line while you are also learning the industry.

After your flagship is successfully launched, you will benefit from each franchise sale as you receive Franchise Fees for each location sold.

Of course, this leads into the ongoing franchise Royalty Fees, the monthly fees that you collect from your franchisees as you help them to grow their businesses. This is a consistent revenue stream that you receive for providing the brand name, image and support for your country.

Additionally, you will benefit when your new franchisees open by making a margin on Equipment Purchases for those stores. These margins will help you to invest time in negotiating the best prices for your franchisees. Along with this, you can negotiate Vendor Rebates payable back to you based on the amount of purchases that your franchisees make to key Vendors for supplies, equipment materials and systems that you franchisees will use.

Last but not least, you can benefit from holding various Conferences, Training and Events. Through sponsorships from vendors, as well as registration and training fees from franchisees, you can enjoy these events as a profit center for your Master License.

The reasons are clear

The United Franchise Group Master License Program has clear benefits to offer in your country. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are thinking about launching a business, consider one that already has proven success around the world and offers these clear benefits

Turnkey Business

No prior industry experience is required. We will set you up with everything you need to make yourself a successful business owner and Master License Partner.

Proven system in place

With United Franchise Group you are getting the sales techniques, processes, and procedures needed to grow the brand in your country.

Higher likelihood of success

Our brands began with a flagship store in the United States and grew internationally only after they were proven to work. Take advantage of our success when building your business rather than starting from scratch and working alone without a support team.

Image & brand awareness

The world is getting a whole lot smaller and it’s more likely than ever that your customers already will have been exposed to our brands before you even open. Take advantage of our global presence for yourself.

Comprehensive training

Our training is the best in the business with two weeks of classroom & practical instruction in the United States, followed by training in your country with one of our global support experts. Your training will pick up again when your flagship grows and you begin selling the brand in your country.

Ongoing support

Our ongoing educational opportunities and support won’t end there. We also offer our World Expo, Master License Summits, and regional learning opportunities. We send global newsletters and videos to keep you up to date on industry developments and innovation within the brand.

Marketing expertise

You will have access to all marketing materials and strategies we have developed for sales at a local level. You’ll learn our marketing strategies and, when you implement, should benefit from the items we have created to help generate sales.

Exclusive country rights

As a Master License Partner, you will have exclusive rights to develop the brand in your country. You will also be given opportunities to expand into other nearby areas or to add additional brands where you already are.

E2 Visa Assistance

Looking to get an E2 Visa? We can help guide you through the entire process and assist you in owning a business in the US.

Franchise Your Business

We provide the necessary specialized research, knowledge, and planning to determine the best structure for franchising your concept or business.

Franchise 101

To help you be compliant with local legal obligations, our team will provide legal templates for review by professionals within your country.

The E2 Treaty Investor Visa

The E2 “Treaty Investor” Visa enables individuals, and their immediate family, who have funds to invest to come into the U.S. for the purposes of setting up a business.
With an overall approval rate of more than 80%, the E2 investor visa has one of the highest approval rates for all U.S. visas.
An advantage of the E2 visa is that it can be extended indefinitely, for as long as the business is viable.

How can we help you with your E2 visa process?

We work hand in hand with your immigration attorney to help you achieve your visa.
We can refer you to our allied immigration Law firms, if you do not have an attorney.
We have years of experience helping prospective franchisees achieve their investor’s visa while getting into a great franchise system as an investment.

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