Franchising Over 30 Years!

Executive Team

Ray Titus

Ray Titus is the CEO of United Franchise Group and its affiliated companies. Mr. Titus is a life-long entrepreneur who began his career with his father, franchising legend Roy Titus, and went on to develop a group of successful brands and franchise development services.

David Baxter

David Baxter is the Chief Operating Officer for United Franchise Group.  He’s primarily responsible for establishing and implementing systems to execute the organization’s strategic plan.  He develops goals and systems to track progress toward those goals.  David is also instrumental in coaching staff to achieve their goals and serves as a thought partner with the brand Presidents and executives concerning operational efficiencies and business opportunities. David’s background includes more than 30 years of experience in operations, sales and acquisitions from start-up companies to multi-million dollar enterprises.  He is a former business owner with proven successes in creating opportunities for revenue and corporate growth. David is originally from Rochester, NY and currently resides in South Florida. David is married to his wife Cindy and they have four children: Michael, Christina, William and Ashley.

Todd Newton

Todd Newton was appointed Chief Financial Officer of United Franchise Group in 2008. Based in West Palm Beach, he leads the global finance team, managing all financial aspects of United Franchise Group’s worldwide operations. Prior to joining UFG, Todd was Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Management Consulting Group, PLC. In that position, he was responsible for the delivery of results for multi-million dollar consultancy projects across a wide range of industries for Fortune 500 companies. In addition, he served in numerous financial capacities for MCG including Senior Vice President of Finance and Worldwide Director of Internal Audit. He is a graduate of the University of North Carolina – Charlotte earning a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a minor in Computer Science.

John Hauptstueck

Graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering John worked his way from the electrical field in the 70’s to back-office procurement management in the early 80’s. During the mid-80’s John learned he loved to build business and how computers would optimize efficiencies in operations. He launched his consulting firm Office Ventures in the 90’s which operates today helping hundreds of SMB companies nationally. Additionally, he was the key architect of one of the first small business Ecommerce systems in 2001 for an industry that today continues to product over $2 billion in annual revenue. John has successfully created several turn-key business’ in Texas and Indiana over the past 20+ years.

John’s ability to look at a problem and reverse engineer a solution is a key to his success in many industries. His dedication to managing project through to completion is a passion that drives his success.

His wife Vicky of over 40 years and daughter Maria are the pride and joy of John’s life, As one who never sits still, he has a love and hobby of inventing new products. John holds several patents and continues to develop more as he sees problems, then envisions and creates the solutions.”

Andy Cagnetta
CEO of Transworld Business Advisors

Andy came down to Florida in 1995. While looking to buy a business, he encountered a company named Transworld Business Brokers. He continued his search for a business but was offered a position at Transworld as an agent. He joined the company and quickly became one of South Florida’s top performers.

Now over thirty-eight years old, Transworld Business Advisors is the number one business brokerage and an international Franchisor through a partnership with United Franchise Group. They have currently over 400 business brokers in the organization and have over 3,000 businesses for sale. They also have 120+ franchisees in the US and several internationally.

Andy is a recognized speaker and trainer in the subject of business sales, valuation, and negotiations. He has taught his self-authored negotiations class to associations, construction companies, media sales teams, government agencies, high school & university students.

His signature charity event “Andy’s Family Pasta Dinner” is in its 16th year and has raised over $1,000,000. He is a father to two. Rachel, Lauren and his wife, Allison are Hollywood residents (Allison since 1970, Andy since 1994).

Jim Tatem
President of UFG

Jim Tatem is the President of United Franchise Group, Inc. and one of the first employees who started his career by running the pilot Signarama store in 1986. Jim was instrumental in creating and running the franchisee training programs. He spent 19 years serving as Director of Training and Support until 2005, responsible for developing the store set-ups, research and development and field support programs for Signarama and eventually the other brands of UFG. Jim was also heavily involved with the launch of the EmbroidMe pilot store in 2000 and has directed several core departments in the company over the years including Field Support, Operations, Marketing, Technical Support, R&D and the Global Department. Jim is a member of the International Sign Association, Digital Print Imaging Association, Rotary – West Palm Beach Chapter and is currently working on a book series titled “How to: LIFE”. He is a graduate from the University of St. Thomas, Mini MBA program in franchising and holds CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) designation. Jim’s passion is “encouraging, equipping and enthusing others” and he does so through motivational seminars, training and materials he produces including “The 7 Steps to Successful Living” workbook and DVD course. Jim is originally from NY and currently resides in South Florida. Jim is married to his wife Danielle and they have four children: Eli, Jasper, Lacey and Jessie.

AJ Titus
President of Signarama

A.J. Titus has a passion for franchising that few share. The son of Ray Titus, the founder and CEO of United Franchise Group, A.J. is no stranger to franchising and Business Development. A.J. is the President of the largest brand at UFG, Signarama, the world’s largest sign and graphics franchise. In this role, A.J. spearheads the growth of Signarama throughout the United States around the world while also developing ways to help current franchise owners expand their businesses. A.J holds an International Business degree from Palm Beach Atlantic University (2014), an MBA from the University of Miami (2017) and is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE). He resides in West Palm Beach, Florida with his wife Laura.

Jason Anderson
President of VentureX

Rich with franchising, real estate, marketing and technology experience, Jason Anderson leads the Venture X brand.  Jason oversees all aspects of the growth and development of this dynamic business after serving in other leadership roles at United Franchise Group including President of Accurate Franchising and Chief Technology Officer. Jason also has strong real estate management skills which he honed as the founder of Premier Property Marketing Group in Dallas.  It was in that capacity that he was recognized by Forbes Magazine in their coveted “30 Under 30” list which chronicles the brashest entrepreneurs across North America. 

Michael Brugger
President of Fully Promoted

Michael Brugger is the Brand President of Fully Promoted. Mike joined United Franchise Group in 1994 and has been very successful overseeing multiple departments of the company since. In 2000 Mike opened and managed the very first EmbroidMe store in West Palm Beach, FL. Among many other roles, Mike has managed UFG’s marketing , technology, and training departments and has spent the last 5 years as the Vice President of Operations for United Franchise Group. Mike is responsible for leading the Fully Promoted team to help the brand and franchise owners grow profitably.

Jim Muir
President of Experimax

Jim Muir opened the first Experimax location in 2009 in West Palm Beach, Florida, realizing his dream of offering affordable Apple products for customers. Jim combined his business knowledge from more than a decade in the auto industry with his technical knowledge from his hobby of buying, repairing, and selling pre-owned electronics to begin what quickly became a successful business. In August of 2014, Jim partnered with Ray Titus to begin franchising the Experimax concept.

Bill Luce
President of Transworld Business Advisors

Bill Luce, President of Transworld Business Advisors has more than 20 years of experience in global sales and executive management. Bill joined United Franchise Group in 1994 as the Director of Franchise Development. During his time in this role, he designed and developed a franchise sales system that included all aspects of advertising, lead generation, software implementation, collateral material, initial prospect contact and management with Regional Vice Presidents.  He continues to strengthen the foundation of the company and ensure the success of Transworld Business Advisors worldwide.  In an industry where businesses are put up for sale, every day and franchising is experiencing explosive growth, the Transworld Business Advisors model is poised for international success.

Jim Butler
President, Restaurant Division

Jim Butler has worked in the franchising industry for almost 30 years. His career in the industry started as the Marketing Representative for Signarama in Farmingdale, NY. He was promoted to Regional Vice President developing over 150 Signarama locations in Arizona and California. Most recently serving as Director of Sales for five years, overseeing the sales for the United Franchise Group brands in the U.S. and Australia. Jim is currently the President of The Great Greek and Jon Smith Subs along with Division Leader and Director of Sales for the Food Division.

Brady Lee
President of Accurate Franchising

Brady Lee has been with the company for more than eight years, with his career starting with working for the Signarama store in Tallahassee. Brady has held a number positions at UFG including Franchise Development in both the U.S. and Australia, Director of Sales for Experimax, Vice President of Franchise Development and Director of Sales in the Australia Corporate Headquarters. Brady is currently the President of Accurate Franchising, Inc.

Walter Seltzer
President of Emerging Brands

Walter Seltzer is the President of UFG Emerging Brands. Walter has been with United Franchise Group for more than 20 years. He has served as our President of Jon Smith Subs, President of Accurate Franchising, International Vice President overseeing our global operations, country manager for Australia and the UK, Regional Vice President for the Southeast, Director of Training as well as various other positions. Prior to joining United Franchise Group, Walter owned his own sign business in Atlanta, Georgia after graduating with a Bachelor in Finance from Emory University.

Tipton Shonkwiler
Intl. Director & Executive VP

Tipton Shonkwiler is the International Director and Executive Vice President and has been with United Franchise Group for the past 10 years. As International Director, Tipton is responsible for the overall global growth and development of the UFG brands. Tipton has been working in franchising for the past 20 years and has served in various capacities including operations, sales & marketing. In addition, Tipton has been directly involved with assembling and promoting franchise conventions and trade shows for United Franchise Group since joining the organization. Tipton is a Certified Franchise Executive within the International Franchise Association and holds a Franchise MBA from Nova Southeastern University. Tipton is married to his wife Daniela and has three boys: Tipton, Jonathon and Jake.

Tony Foley
VP of Global Sales

Tony Foley is the VP of Global Sales for United Franchise Group and the President of World Franchisors, an affiliated brand of United Franchise Group. Tony started with the company in 1987 and has had a number of roles prior to his current role. In addition to being honored by UFG with the prestigious “Rock” award for exemplary service, Tony has been awarded Certified Franchise Executive status by the International Franchise Association. He has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Miami.  Tony focuses on expanding all of the brands globally through the awarding of exclusive Master Licenses and has been instrumental in our growth worldwide.  Tony is married to his wife Linda with two children, Lauren and Tony.

Paula Mercer
VP of Shared Services

Paula Mercer is the Vice President of Shared Services for the United Franchise Group. She has been with the company for more than seven years and is responsible for overseeing the internal operations of the organization as well as the new store start-up process. Paula has extensive global travel experience and brings her wealth of knowledge to her position at United Franchise Group. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Liberty University. Paula has one daughter, Emily.

Sarah Griner
Corporate Controller

Sarah Griner serves as Corporate Controller at United Franchise Group. She has been with the company for seven years. She has 14 years of experience in accounting and finance. She graduated with a Master’s in Accounting and Master’s in Business Administration in 2009 from Florida Atlantic University. She is also a Certified Public Accountant since 2009. She lives in South Florida and loves marathon running and traveling.