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Gorilla Dash

All your franchise tools, powerfully integrated in one platform

  • Save time, lower costs, and follow KPIs in real time.
  • Launch marketing campaigns with few clicks
  • Seamlessly communicate throughout your franchise.
  • Your franchise business is complicated.

Your software shouldn’t be.

Toggling through a dozen different software platforms is a tedious waste of resources.

Waiting for updated reports and coaxing each location onto the latest sales tool comes at a price. When every franchisee reinvents the wheel to launch a marketing campaign, the duplicated time quickly multiplies.

Your franchise has unique challenges. Gorilla Dash is the powerfully tailored solution.
Gorilla Dash is a powerfully intuitive platform that unifies an entire slate of tools, especially for your franchise business.
It’s one login for a single dashboard that tracks, analyses and streamlines your marketing, sales and operations. For one simplified price.

Franchise and multi-location businesses
Gorilla Dash powers the whole company to operate from a unified front and generate more sales.

Powerful integration with POS and CRM systems
We pull data direct from your sales platforms and combine it with information from all your other sources.

Built on an open API for seamless integration
Connecting to Gorilla Dash is a breeze using our open API and library of existing integrations.

Site Zeus

End-to-end solutions for accelerated growth

Through its merger with franchise-development platform Synuma, SiteZeus now offers advanced software for franchise sales and development in addition to its solutions for real estate, marketing, and operations teams.

  • Franchise-specific CRM software
  • Lead qualification and onboarding
  • Timeline-based construction tracking
  • Cost analyses for development projects
  • Custom surveys and field assessments
  • Royalty management and collection

SiteZeus’ extensive product suite helps businesses apply an innovative, data-driven approach to the entire growth cycle so they can scale faster and maximize profits.

Easily manage franchise sales, development, and operations

SiteZeus Sell, Build, and Operate enable you to grow your franchise faster by leveraging comprehensive analytics and intuitive organizational tools.

Shape your brand’s future through strategic sales

Our franchise-focused CRM solution, SiteZeus Sell, streamlines all aspects of the sales process, from finding and onboarding new franchisees to establishing payment plans and collecting revenue. You can even evaluate franchise prospects at record speed by using your portfolio’s performance data to determine which candidates are most likely to thrive.

  • Seamlessly track and nurture leads.
  • Centralize your communications.
  • Prepare and send FDDs and ADAs.
Personalize your project management

Also powered by Synuma, SiteZeus Build helps development teams efficiently oversee multiple construction projects and collaborate with vendors. You can create a unique timeline template for each type of development project, accounting for factors such as unit placement and store layout. And with the app’s dashboard widgets, it’s easy to stay informed whether you’re at your desk or in the field.

  • Easily monitor progress with timeline-based tracking.
  • Stay in sync by automatically appending files to projects.
  • Quickly identify bottlenecks in your development process.
  • Run detailed cost analyses to keep your FDDs updated and in compliance.
Optimize operations and ensure smooth sailing on opening day

Use SiteZeus Operate to create and assign royalty agreements for your franchisees so you can automate fee calculations and start seeing returns as soon as possible. Then keep a pulse on the logistics for each location by collecting data directly from colleagues in the field. Use brand-specific questionnaires to evaluate teams’ preparedness and performance so you can make sure opening day — and every day after — is a success.

  • Create custom assessments and surveys.
  • Generate invoices and collect payments.
  • Create royalty plans and track revenue.
Partner with industry experts

Our team has extensive experience in multi-unit franchising. We understand the intricacies of this business model, which is why our solutions enable you to create brand-specific schedules, lead criteria, surveys, and reports that deliver the insights you need.

Create a central channel for collaboration

Thanks to automated notifications, shared document repositories, task dependencies, and on-demand reports, it’s easy to stay on the same page as your colleagues, franchisees, and contractors.

Reach your growth goals sooner

With integrated expense tracking, clear status updates, and appended records, you can optimize your development process to consistently complete projects on schedule and within budget.