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SIGNARAMA Review from Tony Flanagan


Hello Jim,

I want to take a moment out and share with you the great work that Todd Tucker is doing. Todd, has been very instrumental in set up my store and and assisting in training the staff at my store. Todd shows concern for the employee as a person, develops strong credibility with employees and understands different personalities and traits to effectively communicate organizational policies and other information to the store staff. Todd develops a climate providing motivation, participation and opportunities for employee initiative, that translate into a comfortable, friendly organizational atmosphere and is always readily accessible to the store. Todd offers constructive criticism without creating resentment, and admits mistakes and errors with tact and conveys sincere appreciation at every opportunity. Todd trained the staff to make effective use of sales training techniques and focus on emphasizes service to overcome price objections and make effective use of company strengths to counter competitive offers. Todd, has is a strong contributor in team selling and places a high priority in developing effective solutions to customer needs. Todd’s willingness and devotion is admirable and as a new franchisee I am grateful to have Todd working with me and my staff. I wish we could have Todd visit our store more often, but we understand his talent is highly sought after. Please, inform Todd and his supervisor that we at Sign A Rama of West Cobb is greatly appreciative of Todd, and we thank him for all of his contributions and his unselfishness to give back.

Thank you,

Tony Flanagan



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