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SIGNARAMA Review from Todd Fry



I wanted to take the time to thank you for the investment UFG made in my store this past week in the form of

Stuart Hamilton and Thaddeus Schiller and the Business Development resources they brought to the table. We had an intensive week that was, by all accounts, a very positive experience! I am certain that you know the caliber of both of these gentlemen and that I do not need to elaborate on that point. It means a lot to me that the franchise sees enough in me to warrant this investment.

I can tell you that I have been overwhelmed for a long period of time and to the point that I think I got so lost in my business that it became nearly impossible to focus. I was uncertain as to whether I would even be able to maintain the store. I have been through a lot of emotions in the past two years but the past six months have bordered on despair as my emotions related to the business. I can tell you also that the renewed sense of focus, and hope, that was generated by the investment of the franchise, and these two gentlemen in particular, will pay off for all involved!

In some sense, the process may be described as “Back to the Basics” but I certainly see it as much more than that. This is by far the most valuable visit I have ever had from support staff and for my business in general. Yes, there

are basic elements to the plan we have put in place but I know that you understand that the dynamics are different when

you approach these issues with a store that has some experience and previous success under its belt.

I honestly don’t know that I could have dug deep enough to get past the challenges I was, and am, facing if I were left to do it on my own. My entire staff has a renewed energy, focus, and belief in what we can accomplish. Certainly
some of that comes from who they are as people and how I have worked them but a large part of that is a direct result of the efforts made by support staff. I will see you at the next Expo and I will be bringing at least a portion of my staff with me and we will be sharing our successes with others very publicly in support of this program and the results of it!
My experience with support staff has always been positive and valuable but this takes the cake! I wish we had done it two years ago when things started to slip but we will make the most of it now where we are at! I would be happy to further discuss my experiences this past week with you personally at your request. I could go on but I have a long list of things that I need to accomplish in short order and they all have target dates! I am certain that Stuart and Thaddeus will provide you with updates of our progress. You will see it in repeated cap months for the rest of this year and into the


With Sincere Appreciation!




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