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Franchising Over 30 Years!

SIGNARAMA Review from Steven Elias



Once again, Denise and I appreciated your visit and we’ll look forward to seeing you in Vegas!

In response to some of your suggestions, at this time, I am not convinced, in fact, completely turned off about the idea of “outsourcing anything” and with that, will not consider selling my truck. Further, I will consider Dawn for channel letters, etc., in the future and HOPEFULLY I can be competitive in doing so.

My daughter Kaitlin has been on the phones doing inside sales and has generated a couple of opportunities to date! I’m confident she will make strides as she moves forward. And working with Bill could only benefit further!

The only other response I have at this time is your request for a weekly marketing report “to keep me on track” and with all due respect, that won’t happen. Reason being, I have over 25 years sales and sales management experience. Moreover, I have much to bragg about as well in terms of always being
associated with being a “top” producer! And if you need the proof, I can produce it! Hence the reason I thought my 2 weeks in “training” was, for the most part, a waste of my time. However, to keep this in context, I am fully versed in ACT and that is what I have used in the past to keep me
“on track”, in turn, its what I will use today to keep me focused while growing my business! But thank you for offering.

In closing, Denise and I are committed to achieving success and plan on nothing less. We simply hit a “bump” in the road with cash flow and we will fight our way out of it and use it as a learning
experience! Of course, this “whole” discussion is about money and I will work with your staff to pay the back royalties to the best that we can until satisfied.

Lastly, I would like you to consider writing my landlord a letter in support of reducing my rent or
support us in finding a better location to serve “our” customers! Regards,

Steven Elias



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