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SIGNARAMA Review from Stacey Brown



Here is a summary of what I shared with you at the regional meeting about Mike:

One of the primary reasons that I ultimately chose Sign-A-Rama was because of the local support. After speaking to many of the franchisees, I had no doubt that my expectations would be met. After 6 months in business, I must say that local support has exceeded my expectations and Mike Northcutt is the reason why. He has provided invaluable support and training to me and my staff. He is always a phone call or a visit away. His expertise spans all of the key areas. Given his background, it is not surprising that he has expert product knowledge. However, he has also provided excellent support for my marketing, sales and store and employee management. He has helped me solve problems and be proactive. He has the right balance of being supportive and “telling it like it is”. I always appreciate his tactful honesty. I need the truth, even about myself, to build a successful business. To sum it all up, when I have an issue, I usually call my husband and then I call Mike!


Kind Regards.

Stacey Brown




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