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SIGNARAMA Review from Stacey Brawny


Hi Johnny,

You know that I am not afraid to share my concerns, so I thought in only appropriate to share positive feedback as well related to my set-up.

I must admit that I was a little skeptical about how everything would come together, particularly give my trials and

tribulations to open and the short-notice of the set-up. After two weeks with Bob Wakeley and one week with Mike

Northcutt, I felt more than prepared to start my business. Even with my odd start-up state, they both demonstrated

extreme flexibility to get done what they could when they could and to ensure that everything was done before they left. I was very impressed with their ability to flex between the technical and marketing set-up activities. The training they
delivered was invaluable to me and my staff.

I was very impressed with Mike’s industry knowledge and he was able to add tons of value even without having been with the franchise for long. By the time Mike left my set-up, I know that he would be a much needed resource for me.

Bob did an excellent job training me and my sales staff. He offered valuable insight into how to deal with various types of customers. After doing PR calls with him, I felt confident to venture alone. Bob was also a voice of calm. He has a very calming yet matter of fact style that was very much appreciated. He even managed to get me to sign on to the manual

sprinkler system, which was very difficult for an IT professional like me.

The true measure of how well Bob and Mike did during my set-up is the fact that I truly felt like they were now part of the Sign A Rama Silver Spring family with a genuine interest in my success.

Kind Regards.

Stacey Brawny



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