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SIGNARAMA Review from Sam A. Manning

January 7th, 2014 by UFG Corp


Hi Dan & Dave,

I hope you and all the good folks at UFG are doing well. ‘Just wanted to let you know one of my class-mates in the “Benchmark” class of April 2012, Cat Bash, put me together with your new VaBch EM store manager, Stephanie Bryant. Cat felt Stephanie and I would/should help each other succeed.

I had a wonderful visit with Stephanie Tuesday and she told me how much she liked Cat. And, that Cat told her about our SAR store and what we did. As a result, we are already exchanging client contacts, etc.

Stephanie said Cat was, and has been, extremely professional, knowledgeable and responsive. She also said Cat is “there” when she needs her and made her feel secure in operating her new store. Stephanie is lucky to have such a valuable asset.

Best regards,
Sam A. Manning
817 Botetour Ct. #106
Chesapeake, VA 23320

Review from Sam A. Manning


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