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SIGNARAMA Review from Ric and Karen Anderson


Hi Brian and Stuart,

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation to UFG for Ron Schultz’ visits. We thought our world would

“come to an end” when we lost Matt Argyle. We had a great relationship with Matt and appreciated his desire to jump into the trenches with us. We didn’t believe that anyone else could live up to Matt’s standard. We were wrong!

Ron has proven to be a business professional in every sense of the term. He is very knowledgeable on what seems to us, every aspect of our business. However, I have long maintained that there is a difference between “having” knowledge, and being able to SHARE that knowledge. Ron, blessedly, has both! Each time he visits, he is prepared with REAL
suggestions and he wastes no time in jumping in to demonstrate, instruct, apply and assist. He has a way of teaching and instructing that makes it very easy for the student to learn. We feel he truly has our best interests at heart, and that makes us want to listen to every bit of training and suggestion that he offers. He works hard during his visits here, and has even stepped in to assist when we have been short on staff. Each time he visits, we have grown our business from the previous visit. Ron is always prepared to help us “get to the next level”. Ron is the reason we feel that UFG really DOES care and support their franchisees. Thank you for allowing Ron the time and expense to spend time with us. His visits are valuable to us and we look forward to them each time.

If I had any suggestion for improvement at all…(and this is a very small suggestion having nothing to do with Ron personally), it would be that when he is present here and/or working with our OSR, that he wear a “Sign*A*Rama” branded shirt, rather than a “United Franchise Group” shirt. Sometimes, clients just don’t make the connection. I’m guessing that there is a directive from corporate somewhere dictating his wardrobe, but my preference would be that he wear SAR when working with SAR, etc. Again, I don’t believe that reflects on Ron… it’s just a suggestion.

Many, many thanks!!


Ric and Karen Anderson




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