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SIGNARAMA Review from Rebecca Kronfeld


Hi Jim,

I would just like to make you aware of the AWESOME job Stuart Hamilton is doing. We go way back with Stuart, we  went  through  training with him. The thing that stands out about him is his sincerity. He TRULY  wants  to help us  to be  successful.    He is a man of action not just words. For example, I asked him to come down to work  with      my PR  Coordinator.   I know how busy he is, so I appreciated him scheduling the 4 hour trip to come down. He worked w/my guy, caught up with us and then told us he was leaving to go back to Charlotte. I assumed he  was  staying overnight in Wilmington and tried to cajole him into staying but he said he had to much work to do. I felt really bad he had to travel 8 hours in one day and I told him if I had known he had to go back the same day I would not have asked him to come down. His response was “I know, that is why I did not tell you”. That is the essence of Stuart.


Rebecca Kronfeld



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