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Franchising Over 30 Years!

SIGNARAMA Review from Paula Richmond


Mr. Souza has been extremely helpful and supportive during the first two, very challenging weeks of my set up.

On the first day of acquisition, we walked into a shop that was in catastrophic condition, the entire store contained many years and several owners’ debris which had never been properly disposed of. Most of the areas were in such poor condition that they bordered on health hazards.

The previous owners were present and involved for the first 2-3 days; fortunately Mr. Souza was able to direct them out of the store so we could get down to the business of clearing 6-7 dumpsters of debris. Mr. Souza was supportive throughout this cleaning and reorganizing process and pitched in to assist regardless of the duties at all times.

In addition to my challenges with the physical conditions, there were several challenges during the final

closing, which also took a significant amount of time and energy to contend with and caused distractions during the operations and marketing set-ups, this took up the better part of my two weeks.

To compensate, Mr. Souza came back for an additional two days which was extremely helpful to train my CAS on marketing and website management.

I am very comfortable with Mr. Souza and his approach to working with my team. I really appreciate all of his suggestions on the operations and marketing of the store; his expertise and ideas have proven to

be a tremendous asset as we have put many of these recommendations to use immediately.

Since my initial set up, I have felt comfortable contacting Mr. Souza for assistance and he has promptly responded and made himself available; Mr. Souza is very receptive to my feedback and welcomes
suggestions as well!

I find him to be a tremendous asset to the UFG Team and look forward to working with him in the future

as I progress in the maturity of my business!


Paula S. Richmond



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