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SIGNARAMA Review from Omar Aziz

Dear Mr. Tatem:

Earlier this month I attended a Sign A Rama regional meeting in Southern California. I’ve been a franchisee for about two and a half years and the quality of the regional meeting has steadily been declining. Although I always enjoy meeting with other franchisees, the content of the meetings that I had attended earlier this year were, frankly, a waste of time. So I was pleasantly surprised on September 16 to find a regional meeting that offered a lot of useful, helpful and relevant
information for a franchisee like me. I attribute much of success of that meeting to the work of OA Omar Aziz. Cleary he had spent a good amount of time preparing a presentation about the Sign A Rama lite website and how to update it and add content. His presentation was concise, clear and to the point. Just the right amount of information to empower and inspire me to actually go back to the shop and implement the ideas. And because Omar’s presentation was created as a computer video tutorial, it will be available to view again. Omar also gave a presentation about SEO (search engine
optimization.) Again the information that he presented was clear, easy to understand and very useful. Other franchisees at the meeting also commented that this was one of the more useful meetings that they had attended. Please encourage this kind of regional meeting content and presentation. And please recognize the contribution that Omar has been making to our franchisees. Omar has been consistently helpful since he joined the regional support staff a couple of years ago. His visits are always welcomed. His advice and input, whether is it about marketing or production, are always very


Omar Aziz





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