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SIGNARAMA Review from Mary Johnson

Hi Mike and Stuart,

I wanted to let you know how valuable Ron’s visit was to us. After being in business for a year we had some specific questions that he answered and he was able to see how we work and make a lot of suggestions on how to do better. He also helped Leonard with the laminator that had been causing lots of problems that resulted in several ruined graphics

We see on OSCAR and in emails how the Mainland stores have frequent visits from various UFG support staff and we feel like we are on our own much of the time. Phone calls are nice but it is important for UFG to see the reality of all locations because all markets are different from each other and what works in one location may not work here. Ron’s visit allowed him to see how we work within our marketplace and community. We wish that we hadn’t had to go a year before someone visited us and hope we don’t have to go another year.

Thank you for agreeing to send Ron here. It definitely was time and money well spent.

Mary Johnson



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