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SIGNARAMA Review from Kim and Bobbie Snope


Hi Jim,

Kim has faxed to corporate his end of the week sales report. The following are the accomplishments to date:

1)      Installer in place (starting on Monday with first install at Meinke)

2)  Wrap installer in place. Plus, we have gotten his digital printing business for all the installs he is doing.
He has 38 years experience and lots of clients.

3)  Support for design for wraps from lax SAR

4)  Motivational Minutes   Monkey (staff and us)

5)  Trained Jarret to take payments on front counter

6)    Replaced PR girl LaurieAnn with PR Guy Tim to increase leads

7)  Bobbie has taken over ordering materials

8)     Bobbie is doing the pricing except for the big jobs

9)     Kim is closing in house products on the spot

10) Showroom has been rearranged and cleaned (still need to build platform and install logos on wall  have
logos ready to print though)

11) Permit office has agreed to let us mail or fax permits with proofs to cut down on the time it takes to
process. Not set up for email yet but they are working on that

12) Kim set up his tickler notebooks

13) Jarret and Jake have, noticibly, taken more initiative in their defined roles


Next week:

1)      Kim will take new PR guy out to train

2)      Kim will increase sales and closings with checks in deposits or full amount

3)      Kim will print out and read OSR training in ops manual again

4)      Bobbie will keep working on the Showroom with Jake

5)      Bobbie will keep working on the before and after photo binder with testimonials with Jarret

We are working for half day on Saturday and Sunday tying up some loose ends on sign installations and one appointment with new business to quote signs.


Thanks for your support.

Kim and Bobbie


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