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SIGNARAMA Review from John Persons


Hi Trevor and Stuart,

Dan Hofelich did my tech setup two weeks ago and my marketing setup this week. I wanted to send you both a quick

note to let you know what a good job he did. Dan is knowledgeable, dependable, personable, and tactful, not to mention an all-around good guy. I learned a lot from him.

My design/production employee (who is now on his third owner) commented about how different my setup was from the previous owner’s setup three years ago. He said that the previous guy spent almost no time with the owner, and Dan’s work was like night and day by comparison.

Despite being a dyed-in-the-maize-and-blue-wool Michigan fan, he is actually a good sport. See the attached picture, soon to be plastered all over Facebook.

I’m sure you realize you have a good one in Dan Hofelich – please hang on to him.

John Persons



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