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SIGNARAMA Review from Jim Feely


Mr. Tatem,

I just wanted to take a moment of your time to recognize the efforts of Todd Tucker who is our Operations Advisor here in Raleigh. NC. As a brand new owner of the SIGN A RAMA franchise on Tryon-Rd., my wife and I certainly had our hands full trying to learn about the sign business and get our new venture off the ground. We completed our training in West Palm Beach, which was also OUTSTANDING by the way, and immediately opened our doors the first Monday after we returned. Fortunately for us, Todd Tucker was there waiting to help get our business organized and running smoothly. Since I had purchased an existing business we were already seeing regular “walk-in” traffic which challenged our ability to modernize the store and manage the needs of our customers while learning what we do. Todd made all of that seem simple and the program he followed ensured that nothing was missed in regards to looking at every aspect of our business and making sure we were totally prepared to run a successful operation. While it might seem simple for someone with Todd’s experience to follow the list of things to train us on, it was all the little things he did, using his experience to truly prepare us for what lies ahead. By the second week I was very comfortable speaking with customers in and out of the store and could quickly quote a job in CASPER accurately. Our business was rapidly growing and Todd was quick to point out ways we could operate more efficiently and I have since completely renovated the lobby of our store and the surrounding grounds and have receive rave reviews from some of the long-time customers.

Bottom line, I am quite busy…which is a GOOD thing………….. and just taking the time to write this email is hard to do as I need to be getting out to market my business, but too often great work goes unrecognized because we are too busy to write anything. In this case, I just want to thank you for providing such outstanding support to your franchise owners. I am not only confident that I will be very successful in this endeavor, I am confident that if I need anything Todd will be there to deliver.


Jim Feely




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