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SIGNARAMA Review from Jeff Syphard

I want to share with you my compliments to Harry Skeen.  Last week, we had a job that had some challenging art issues for 2 retractable banners. We had outsourced

the printing of the banners to GCI. The banners were due on Friday, and our partner told us on Thursday, they could not ship because of the art issues. To make matters worse the customer was very demanding member of our BNI group, as well as too close to his own deadline.  (Sounds like a potential teaching moment!) We were in a huge mess, and looking for solutions.

I had the production team call Harry to see if he could help. He was awesome, with his assistance we were able to resolve the problems and convert the file to another format, which enabled us to switch vendors and deliver JIT. One of my team delivered the finished product to the customer’s home on Friday evening for his event the following day.

Harry, THANK YOU for a job well done! Best regards,




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