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SIGNARAMA Review from Eric Bleezarde



I write this afternoon to express my appreciation for the hard work and professionalism given to me by Allison Rotolo, during my first 6 months as a SAR Franchisee. I am very appreciative of her practical support, high
energy, and encouragement. Allison has been there whenever I needed to talk, needed answers on products or procedures, or needed anything at all. She is a very bright and caring person, while at times being a real tough pusher too, and when I needed to get my butt out of the shop and market harder, she told me so!! I might not have liked hearing it, but she was strong enough as a person and cared enough about our brand and company, to tell me what needed to be told. I give her a lot of credit for that inner fortitude. She maintained her
professionalism and has shown me numerous times she supports my efforts to grow this business, which has been stuck in a rut in Fairfield for FAR too long prior to 2011.

On a personal note, this has been a very challenging 6 months for me, having come from a background of

executive management in a large foreign owned company. I have a fantastic opportunity here to reinvent

myself, but that process is not an easy one, when you previously gave a company half your life and then one day you find your no longer wanted. Nothing good in life is ever easy. As a father of 7 and grandfather of 5
(someday 20!), I know this to be true. But God is faithful and HE is the one I am working for. With my faith,
family and friends, and a company like UFG behind me, and with Allison there, I am very fortunate to be where I am, for the future is bright.

I have learned a lot from Allison in my first 6 months, and when she didn’t know the answer, she was honest and told me she would contact someone who did, and that’s important for a person in her role. My mentor (Mike

Fried) has also been hugely helpful! The mentorship program is a great program and I hope someday, to be in a

position where I could mentor other new franchisees. I have learned a few painful rookie mistakes, that I wouldn’t want anyone to repeat!


Thanks for a few moments of your time, so I could give Allison some kudos for her performance to date in UFG.

Best regards,

Eric Bleezarde




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