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SIGNARAMA Review from Daniel Peavy

Aaron –

Thanks for passing along Mike Northcutt’s contact information earlier this month. He was exactly the person we needed to talk with, and was a perfect example of the value a franchisee can get from being part of a franchise organization.

His knowledge and information regarding Oracal wrap vinyl was THE critical piece of information that helped us land our largest job ever! A job that we had actually lost, but where able to come back to the table with Oracal product knowledge and pricing to beat out quotes with 3M product. The confidence I gained from the product knowledge Mike gave me, as well as his strong confidence and experience with the product helped me close the deal. And the deal actually grew from a $44,000 wrap job to a $66,000 job … with $16,000 in repeat work every few months.

I contacted Mike a little later to ask him about a different Oracal product – anti-graffiti laminate, and he was equally as

helpful, putting me in touch with his local Oracal rep, getting me a sample of the product, all of which helped me with another bid.

It is great to know that Sign*A*Rama has such great expertise at the franchisees fingertips!

Also, Aaron, I really appreciate your help in working with me to put together the wrap quote. Your guidance on pricing and margins really helped me get comfortable with what we submitted … and won!






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