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SIGNARAMA Review from Cheryl Schmoyer


Good afternoon, Dan,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making Aaron available to us on Tuesday.  We have a new designer and have been having problems with our plotter settings, which is now corrected, but Aaron also taught us how to laminate and contour cut on the Roland for a job we had to have completed that same day.  We were all amazed at some of the tricks and tools Aaron demonstrated in Flexi – our designer was extremely impressed!

Aaron always spends time with me going over P & L’s, etc., and we spent some time on that Tuesday.  According to Aaron, we have a “letter perfect” P & L!

And as always, we go over basically all aspects of our store’s operation.  I always gain so much from those conversations.

Aaron has been my “rock” since we purchased the store 6 years ago.  Please know that his time, experience and support are very, very much appreciated.

We also received a very informative visit from Mark Zimmerman, our new Regional VP, this morning. As a result, we are stepping back and restructuring our roles in the store in an effort to increase sales volume and manage production more efficiently.  After speaking with both Aaron and Mark,we are also moving up our target date to transition to SignVox.  I think the suggestion to purchase an ipad for outside sales is a “must do”, and as budget allows, a large flat screen for the design/production area.  It was truly an amazing, rejuvenating morning.

Again, please know how thankful Alan and I are to have had these opportunities.


Cheryl Schmoyer


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