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SIGNARAMA Review from Blake Scott


Hi Duncan

Just a quick note of thanks for having Kevin spend a few days with us last week. He did a review of all our procedures and made some excellent recommendations. Over the last year we dropped some of the procedures and methods that are designed to help make us successful. It seems that we make unconscious little changes that get away from us without realizing that they are happening. Kevin worked with each staff member to get us all back on track and explained each of the positions and how we all fit together. As Jim T said in a recent net cast –  we have some great reading material in our Op’s Manuel. Maybe not great reading but necessary. A good weekend project. Kevin shared a number of techniques, new to us, that will help immensely with our production. Our new designer (started the day before Kevin arrived) was able to get up to speed almost immediately after spending time with Kevin on the first day. The staff really bought into what Kevin was here for and he presented in a manner that was easy for them to run with. Thanks to UFG and Kevin for a great visit.





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