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SIGNARAMA Review from Betty Evans


I am not sure who should get this. A couple of weeks ago, Keith Martin from the Lutherville store called my about a LED .gn that was sold to this custom under a past owner. He didn’t give me much on details. Then last week he sent out an email to surrounding sar’s and it was basically the same email as the phone call weeks prior. So I called Keith and asked him what was going on and he basically didn’t want to get involved. So I asked him if he would mind if I called the customer. Of course he was glad to turn the info over. I called the woman at the bank and she thought the LED would still under warranty. For whatever reason I called Mike Nortcutt to see what we could find out about Chuck and this warranty she claims she had. Now mind you, I have been communicating with her through email. She knows I was another sign a rama. So I asked her if she would mind having a conference call with my field rep the next day and she was glad to do so. Mike came in Wednesday of last week. We called the client, then called Optec. After all this I asked Mike if he would mind driving with me to check out the equipment at the bank and this way we could call Optec directly from the bank. I thought it would be a great idea since he is computer savvy and I am not. So we did that. When we got there Kira was so great to tell us that she buys all her signs from the Sign A Rama in Catonsville. My heart dropped. At this point I was too deep into it to walk away. So as we were checking out the system, we continued to talk up the Catonsville SAR. So the good thing here is North East Bank must really like and will continue to work with sign a rama. I did call Bev and explain what was going on and that I didn’t realize she was there sign company. They called Lutherville because Chuck was in Lutherville and he sold them the sign. And as I said Keith really didn’t want to deal with it because of his lack of knowledge. Which is understandable. But the difference is I called corporate and got some help and then called Mike and all of us were able to figure it out and the customer is happy. Chances are I will never get any work from the bank and I really don’t care. This had Sign A Rama’s name to it and that is all I cared about. Sign A Rama is smelling like a rose. Mike went the extra mile with me. In the same day, Mike saw a sign we were doing for Sport Honda and mentioned he had pictures of a wrapped Honda for the service department. I asked him to share with me and he did. I sent the pictures to the dealer. So wish me luck.

Thanks Betty Evans




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