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SIGNARAMA Review from Aron Wortham


Hello Mr. Tatem,

I am writing you to inform you about the selfless actions and talent of your associate Dan Hofelich. Our store in Canton, Michigan was recently honored with the opportunity to take on a National Account job with Puro Clean.

Our Graphic Designer had everything printed and cut to the design that we obtained from Oscar and Dan offered to help us get started on the project. Little did we know that the file was unfortunately incorrect for proper application on the vehicle we received.
That day we ran into road block after road block on this project. Through all the stressful situations, Mr. Hofelich stood by us and helped us meet our deadline, which in return kept him here at our store until 3am on Saturday.

He worked diligently with us for over 14 hours. We are notifying you of this because we want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done in training your staff in customer service and mentorship.

Aron Wortham



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