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EmbroidMe Review from Tim Hackman



I want to take a moment to say Thank You for finally getting us the support that we desperately needed. Our Brother 4-Head machine went down on Tuesday afternoon, April 13. My 1st call was to the local Brother rep in Phoenix who, in turn, passed me over to the local Brother technician (independent) for our area. Long story short…he spent a week and a half dinking around with it and finally sent me a text message saying he couldn’t fix it. At that point you freed up Mike Gonzales to come in (arriving on down-day 14). He spent a couple days working on it and on day 16 (yesterday) the sweet sound of the machine started up again.

David Brown and Mike Gonzales were incredibly supportive during the entire process and I want you to know that I appreciate you making them available to help solve the problem.

You should also know that Larry Hevner (Owns an EmbroidMe in Phoenix) turned the keys to his store over to us a couple weekends ago and allowed us to use his equipment to complete a crucial job that HAD to be done. My production manager ran his 4-head and single-head for 19 hours straight while I ran our single-head back at our store. Amazingly, we managed to keep customers satisfied with the help from everyone.

We are back up and running again, looking down the barrel of our largest month in our store’s history in May. We have a lot of work to do to get on top of things again but our customers and our business remain in good standing.

Thanks to you, your staff and everyone else who had a part in getting us through this.

Tim Hackman

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