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Franchising Over 30 Years!

EmbroidMe Review from Steven J Kohn

Dear Ray

I just returned from my two weeks of training and week of OJT. I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding experience your staff has put together. Somehow they were able to put the best practices collected over twenty years of business into a 12 day schedule. Some of the information I have heard before in one of a variety of training classes I have attended over the years, but never could I have imagined so much truly excellent informationconsolidated into a single course.

As a business owner of over twenty years I quickly realized that I am best served by blending my experience with the detailed system that your staff preaches at every turn. The primary reason I am sending you this note is to communicate how outstanding your training staff is. In addition to keeping a room full of entrepreneurs focused and in step with the plan, they were professional and exceeded our expectations at every turn. Being on the Sign*A*Rama side of the room I would like to single out Mike Harvey and Kevin Teckenbrock. These guys were absolutely outstanding.

I look forward to living up to the example that was set at Corporate over the course of training.

Steven J Kohn


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