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EmbroidMe Review from Michelle Livaccari


Hello Mr. Mike,

I am writing to you to let you know how much I appreciated Ronnie Fairlie this week. I am a new EmbroidMe franchise owner and have been open for almost 12 weeks now. With business picking up and many things on my plate that I didn’t quite understand how to follow through with or close the deals on, I called Ronnie in a panic just a little over a week ago. My first question to him was “When are you coming back?” Ronnie talked me through my panic and told me he would get back with me soon. Within 1 day he had a flight booked to come to my store for the following week. What a relief I felt!

Ronnie arrived Monday morning and smoothed things over well by pointing out the great things going on in the store as well as some of the things that he felt needed change. He assisted me with making decisions on an important deal that I was trying to close with creating a company website for one of my clients. He also came along with me to interview an OSR which he felt at this point is a must have in our business.

In closing, I did not want Ronnie’s efforts with me this week to go unnoticed. I would absolutely recommend him to new franchise owner’s for support. In fact, if you don’t mind I will need him to return to help me train the OSR that I intend hiring very soon, thanks to Ronnie!

Thanks again for the continued franchisee support!



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