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EmbroidMe Review from Michelle Johnson


Good Morning Gentlemen,

I just wanted to make you aware of a situation that we had at our EmbroidMe store in Bartlett, Tn. We recently had a problem with EME Boss in regards to running the Norton anti-virus software. When the anti-virus software was run, it detected a virus and deleted EME Boss and all the associated files. I called corporate and we called Randal Shirley. Corporate did not seem to know what to do and told us to call Norton. Norton attempted to assist us with restoring the system to the point before Norton removed the software, however EME Boss was still lost.

Randal Shirley on the other hand, worked very diligently that night remotely (even after I had left the store) on our computer system trying to find EME boss and our backup files on the computer system. He also worked with me the next morning. After trying several different tasks, and sending up an abundance of prayers we finally decided we would have to restore the system to our last found backup which appeared to have been 5 months earlier. I was very distraught over the amount of information, quotes, work orders and invoices that I would lose.

Randal reloaded the Boss program and was getting ready to load the last found backup files. As soon as he loaded Boss, our last screen that we were working on before losing the program came up. My prayers were answered. A great lesson was learned and we now backup our system every other day.

I just wanted to relay that I really appreciate the work that Randal did for me and our store, he was very patient, and exhausted all possible options and any suggestions that I made before we came to our final conclusion. He didn’t give me a lecture or make me feel any worse than I already did, he knew that I was punishing myself enough and just continued to focus on the issue at hand. I am very glad that he is my Operations Advisor, as he has helped me through many difficult times. Being patient and going the extra mile are often qualities that are hard to find in this microwave society that we currently live in.

Thanks again to Randall Shirley

Michelle C. Johnson



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