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EmbroidMe Review from Mark S.


Hi Kevin,

I just wanted to take a second and let you know of all the help Jeff Toussaint and Jackie Johnson were during my set up during Feb. 27 through Mar. 3, 2006. Just like the week when you and Jeff were here, I think Jeff brought the snow and cold weather with
him where ever he goes.

Jeff and Jackie not only had to go through a set up with a new owner who has no experience with embroidery but they also had to endure the fact that my original production person quit. I was able to replace her the next day but she was new to the whole concept. Often, Jackie and Jeff took us separately to train us. I was able to build on the training I received in school and Linda was able to get to know the new business. We had a few orders come in whole they were here. One of them was for myradio spot I am doing. I had planned on giving the radio personalities some sample shirts with their logo, plus the EmbroidMe logo. Jeff and Jackie walked me through the process of getting logos digitized. We were able to get at least one to of the shirts done before they left. This was a big help in seeing the process. Both Jackie and Jeff were diligent in ensuring I had all the items I was suppose to receive including the yellow dividers, signage from Sign*A*Rama, Great Notions software, and misc. products.

We generally worked past when the store was closed. I know they both went back to the hotel and did some other work that was used in training the next day. The long hours have given me a better understanding of the system and were to go when I need questions answered. When you have a chance, please thank both of them for me. Look forward to our annual meeting later this year.


Mark S.


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