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EmbroidMe Review from Lois McClain


I usually am too busy (or too tired) to get on Oscar or communicate with the EmbroidMe family but I wanted to tell someone how wonderful Mike Gonzalez is. He has always been available either answering his cell phone or getting back to me quickly. Mike has so much knowledge about all the machines that he is invaluable. He can often help just by talking us through a problem or if not he manages to get here to help. Fortunately for me he lives in Southern California. In the past two weeks he has saved me twice on big problems with my 4 Head and my Garment Printer. If he had not been able to get here I would have lost several big orders. I just wanted to let you know what a great employee you have. And with all his acumen with the equipment he is really a wonderful person, calm and assuring when it seems are falling apart.

Everyone at my store thinks he is THE BEST!! He was just here so I wanted to let you know before I get distracted again.

Thank You,

Lois McClain

EmbroidMe Costa Mesa


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