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EmbroidMe Review from Kevin Lewis



It’s about time I got to send you this email. I wanted to thank you and the UFG leadership for hiring people like Jolyn Schaefer.

Jolyn was the brave person who did my technical setup. I may have broken a record of providing her with many challenges. She jumped those hurdles with great ease while making me feel at ease. I had computer hardware and software problems, she got on a fix right away. My office computer had a bad disk drive. I needed QuickBooks on it and we were unable to download it in a traditional way, with the disk drive. Jolyn used my production computer and copied the disk to a thumb drive where we successfully transferred the program. BRAVO!

She was in the store with me early and stayed with me late, bearing with my strange sense of humor and stressfulness. I even (jokingly) complained to her about “Those damn customers” getting in our way. Jolyn taught me how to care for each customer, ask for a reference, and upsell even the nine year olds… (Another joke.)

Seriously, All new stores owners should consider having Jolyn Schaefer help with their technical setup a pleasure. They’re in for a treat.

Stewart, I hope you and your family have a wonderful, Happy Holiday.

Thank You,

Kevin Lewis


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