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EmbroidMe Review from Joel and Mary


Dearest Ray, JJ, and Herman;


We just returned from one of the best Expo’s ever. What an awesome time! You organize, inspire, feed, and entertain a huge group in such an impressive way. Although there were many great moments we wanted to send a special thank you to the three of you for the UFG Foundation award.

Ray, we feel that we can call you anytime and can talk about our families or our work.There is a complete lack of status in our conversations, only a sincere interest in what we are doing. You laugh with us and inspire us to be better. (We found out this last week
that you can lie to us…and you like it!) Mary and I count you as a dear and true friend. (I trust JJ will not let those comments go to your head!) The reason we point out our feelings is to emphasize how much of an honor it was for. Mary and Ito receive the UFG Foundation award from you. I wrote the “what we do” information to hopefully coax other people to get more involved (and would like to write an article for the magazine to try and do that). We were both stunned to receive such an award (especially Mary since she did not know about what I had sent in!). With such inspiration Mary even said that she might put down her colored post-it notes and do some cold calls! For all you do, for being a friend, and for the award, thank you so very very much.

JJ, you are the mentor of all mentors. Your talks, bits of wisdom, your books, and those hugs that Mary requires from you (!), are all so very special to Mary and me. The UFG Foundation award may have been announced for us but it is just as much of reflection of what we have learned from you. Rest assured that for all the “good” that Mary and I may be involved with your words are in our hearts and in what ever effort that others may see. You may, or may have not, felt part of the award but you were. Thank you for that.

What an awesome company this has become. Ray is good, he is very good, but we can’t imagine this company being what it is without your involvement. We didn’t get to talk to you after the sessions Saturday and get the impression that this will be your retirement year. Although we will miss you and will insist on updates from time to time, we can’t think of anyone more deserving of the opportunity to slow down a bit! God bless you JJ.

Brother Herman, congratulations on ,g UFG Foundation award! I only know a part of what you have done but I have seen the positive impact you have had on this company
and I know the feeling you have for the Our Kids. First I want to thank you for the honorto be on stage with you. What a great feeling to shake hands with you at that time.
Secondly I want to thank you and Faye for being such wonderful mentors to us. Starting with that first day at school of the Herman Myth (doing x millions in sales in 900, no 800, no 700 square foot store) to helping through projects, and to kicking us in the butt, I have cherished your friendship and your ability as a mentor. When we first met I felt trust in your advice (but know a good joke when I hear one too!). Later I found out you were also a fellow Mason. Your actions speak for the great person that you are. Thank you for all you have done. One last task, get Ray to sign that petition!
We are looking forward to the next Expo. We hope that we all get to visit before then. Thanks again to all of you.

All our best,
Joel and Mary


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