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EmbroidMe Review from Joan Carrigan


When I started my EmbroidMe, I made a list of all the contacts we could start prospecting including my husband’s contacts, the contacts I’ve made through my daughters’ schools and my own prior work and organization contacts. One of those was IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers). My husband is a member and therefore knows several people in this organization.  He naturally started talking about our new venture. He offered some of our products and services and found out what types of products they might need right away. We started out with a polo shirt and with a good strong quote we took our first order this week!  All 16 local board members are getting embroidered polos to attend the regional meeting.  They can’t wait to show them off.  Other members are already voicing an interest in the same polo. Looks like it could turn into many, many more.   We currently are working on two other logos for IBEW as well.  We’re looking forward to securing their 1500 piece pocket calendar order and pen orders in the near future! The president of our local chapter says “You will get all the orders for our shirts going forward!” This is very exciting for us as we’ve only been in business since July 9th. Marketing really does work – in all forms – tell everyone you know! Get the whole family excited about what you do – get them talking about it – it certainly paid off for me.   My husband and one of our daughters are sort of in a family competition of who can sell the most for me!  It really makes for interesting dinner conversation.

-Joan Carrigan, Owner EmbroidMe Naperville, IL



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