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EmbroidMe Review from Jeff Toussaint


Dear Kevin,

I would like to convey my appreciation for the training provided by Jeff Toussaint at our store during the week of January 15. Jeff dealt with less than ideal situation. We had an overlap with the pre-setup and the Brother training that resulted in falling behind with the store setup for the following week. In addition, Jeff fell ill the night before he was to leave for our store that resulted in a change of his flight for a Tuesday departure. Again, bad luck struck as Jeff’s connecting flight to NJ was canceled.

When Jeff did arrive we persevered and worked longer hours to get our training completed. He devised a schedule that flowed very well and accommodated all our schedules. The training had invaluable anecdotes from Jeff’s previous experience in the embroidery business. We asked numerous questions from the simple to the more “unusual” type of situations, all of which were answered with assurance and tact. My partner and our entire staff have great respect for Jeff and the knowledge he brought to us. We have continued to call Jeff with questions and he has been more than happy to answer them. We were very fortunate to have had Jeff train us.


Jeff Toussaint

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