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EmbroidMe Review from Jeff Houck

May 20th, 2013 by UFG Corp



I Just wanted to send you a brief email to let you know about the always exceptional support we get from Michelle Longueira.

I recently hired an ORS who will be representing both my EmbroidMe store as well as our neighboring Sign-A-Rama. We’re all very excited about the partnering synergy with our sister company as we market to the same customer base as a “One Stop” Branding source.

Michelle and Bob Wakeley (for Sign-A-Rama) spent the better part of a day with us, reviewing our combined goals with our new rep, outlining the EME and SAR models, spending time on the road with our new rep making marketing calls (which turned into actual orders within just a few hours), and then provided us (the store owners) with ideas on how best to make this work.

I can’t thank Michelle enough for her continued commitment to insuring we have the tools we need to achieve success. If and when we get there, it will be due in a very large part to Michelle’s guidance and support.

Hold on to her with “white knuckles”.

Jeff Houck

2110 Route 70 East Suite 14
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

EmbroidMe Review


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