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EmbroidMe Review from Elmar & Lym Stump


Dear Ray,

Lym and I wanted to send you this note to tell you how much we think of Garland.

Garland always does what he commits himself to. He in our experience is never afraid to make a commitment.

He presents himself well when in our company and if at the store we get busy he has been known to assist customers.

When he sets up an appointment with us, he always confirms so that he can find out if we will be available and to let us know how his schedule is progressing.

If I can relate to sports, as you often do, I feel that sports and teamwork is an excellent basis to build a business. One term that I have not heard you use that every coach or manager I ever played for said “The most important thing in sports is follow-through.” I find this to be true in business.

Believe me, and the other owners I have talked to, this guy has follow-through.

Lastly, he is knowledgable and makes himself abailable no matter what his situation may be, quite a guy.

We would highly recommend Garland for promotion in our organization.

Elmar & Lym Stump



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