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EmbroidMe Review from Cristina Bertero

January 7th, 2014 by UFG Corp


Hi Dave

I hope you are having a great day.
I decided to write to you because I don’t want to let go quietly something that happened with me and my business last week.
I truly believe we need to speak up when we see something that isn’t right but I also know we need to speak in double when something really good happened to us.
Ok here I go: I had a very complicated customer that all of us from EmbroidMe North Olmsted love dearly but give us lots of headaches. He is a field hockey coach/ owner of a good sized club and always comes to us when he needs uniforms and everything else.
This customer places an order and had to have everything done by middle of last week. Making the story short not everything was delivered right and in a moment of panic I was ready to travel next day very early in the morning to Michigan to pick up the material that wasn’t delivered.

You need to understand that we are located in Cleveland and a trip to Michigan to this supplier would take me something around 3.5 hours to go and 3.5 hours to return.
Here is what happened: that night, Rick Greenberg called me to check on us and I told him about the problem and my plans the next day. After he listened, he put me on hold and when he returned, I was speechless to know that he connected me with a closer EmbroidMe (only 50 minutes from me) that happened to have a vinyl cutter (that I didn’t know) and could help me. The final result of all of this: I went to the store, connected with the owner (Paul) that was an amazing person and had everything done to delivery to my happy customer.
Well, I have to say that because actions like this from Rick, I am completely certain that I made the most absolutely right decision when I decided to buy EmbroidMe franchise.
Rick Greenberg brings to my business and my team everything that I need to understand and be capable to be a success.
He is always present, fun, knowledgeable and researchable. Great guy that we are proud to say that we have a great relationship.
Finally, I want to thank you to put together a great team that can help us during this hard but joyful path of being business owners.

Have a wonderful day!

Cristina Bertero
EmbroidMe North Olmsted
3683 Clague Road
North Olmsted, OH – 44070
440 716 8899

Cristina Bertero review



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