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EmbroidMe Review from Adria DeAngelis Veit


Hello JJ,

This past February, I had sent you an email regarding the terrific technical support that Monica Maruklin provided.

Monica deserves and received from our store (on speaker phone) a standing and cheering ovation from our entire staff.. .with me cheering the loudest!!! In our efforts to grow our business and service our customers in a timely fashion, we added an extra computer to our front counter. Our BOSS system needed to be re-routed to be hosted from my office. In short, our entire BOSS database had to be transferred and networked between 4 computers. Monica worked with me for two days totaling 9 hours of “patient” phone time.

Success is terrific! I told the entire EmbroidMe-Farmington Hills staff that Monica’s tenacity is an example for all of us…Once again many, many “hats off”to Monica Markulin!!!
I would like to extend our sincere “gratitude!”

Adria and the EmbroidMe Farmington Hills Team

Adria DeAngelis Veit

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