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EmbroidMe Review from Adria DeAngelis Veit


Hello JJ,

This past February, I had sent you an email regarding the terrific technical support that Monica Maruklin provided.

Monica deserves and received from our store (on speaker phone) a standing and cheering ovation from our entire staff.. .with me cheering the loudest!!! In our efforts to grow our business and service our customers in a timely fashion, we added an extra computer to our front counter. Our BOSS system needed to be re-routed to be hosted from my office. In short, our entire BOSS database had to be transferred and networked between 4 computers. Monica worked with me for two days totaling 9 hours of “patient” phone time.

Success is terrific! I told the entire EmbroidMe-Farmington Hills staff that Monica’s tenacity is an example for all of us…Once again many, many “hats off”to Monica Markulin!!!
I would like to extend our sincere “gratitude!”

Adria and the EmbroidMe Farmington Hills Team

Adria DeAngelis Veit

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Client Testimonials

First of all I just wanted to express how amazing Rob was last week (no he didn’t put me up to this) We picked his brain as much as we possibly could, and he gave us some very valuable advice and training in the areas we needed it in. He really understood our position and our goals and was extremely helpful and supportive in getting us set up to head in the right direction.

-Emma Lyons

I was writing to let you know my experience with Jessica when she was in my store on the technical set up. I found her to be quite knowledgeable and thorough. She had a list of what needed to be covered and made sure everything was addressed. In addition, she stayed well past closing time to help with the store set up which had only been partially completed.

-Joanna Rykoff

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