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EmbroidMe Training Benefits



What are all the benefits that I received from training? They are varied because the number of topics that are covered in training are as diverse as what you need to know to run the business. But certainly sales, and more more than just the vanilla here’s how to sell. This is how to sell this product, this is how to sell it to this industry. Here’s your game plan and your numbers and all the things that if I went out into business for myself, I’d have to figure that out on my own. The training is as broad as what you need for the business and it’s going to fill your head with a lot of facts but you always know that you have support people standing ready to help you after you graduate and move on.

The training school was fantastic. I knew nothing about embroidery when I came here and now I feel really confident. It really instilled confidence that we can do this business. Having no background with embroidery, you come here thinking that you just don’t know how you’re going to do this. But you go away and think I can do this. They empower you. They give you all the knowledge you need.

Starting from the ground up, I knew nothing coming into this. I’ve never owned a business before, so I think the most valuable thing that I learned was concept to completion. Getting out there and marketing, what I do with that marketing information, the production, everything has been so great and the financial aspect of it was a big one.

The most that I learned from training was how much the United Franchise Group really is there to help you. I went into it, very maybe not blind, but unaware. And within the first three days, I learned more than I ever thought I would have.


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