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Franchising Over 30 Years!

Brian & Jill Dawson: Their Story


Jill and I both came out of the restaurant hospitality business. I pretty much came out of college to do that, worked for a number of different companies. I ended up at Perkins in Minnesota as the general manager and it was one of them companies that was really good to work for. But, you get tired of the 24 hour 365 day a year situation that you’re in when you’re in family restaurants like that.

So, we started looking for opportunities and that’s when we opened up a housekeeping business at that time. We started with one account and she thought I was crazy. I left my general manager position with the company car and started one account and we ended up about six years into it doing a half million dollars in business. Great business. Enjoyed it, but it was it was a lot of work. It was high-pressure. You always worried about liabilities.
We had a niche market because we were in the high-end housekeeping, so most of the houses that we were working in were mansions, millionaires. So it was kinda cool, you met a lot of really cool people. But after ten years, I was getting to the point where I was done.

So, I wanted to get into a business that I really could enjoy. So, a friend of mine and I went to the Chicago expo and we were just looking around basically and we were approached by EmbroidMe. And I came back in town and told Jill I found a business for her to get into.

And I told him it was a franchise and he’s insane. Because I was born and raised in the franchise business and it wasn’t anything like what EmbroidMe offers. They did not lead my dad in a good path and so therefore I just didn’t believe in franchises until I went down to discovery days. And I sat down with people and talked to them there and then Ray finally told everything what we could and couldn’t have with it. And I was like if you can do everything that you just told me, I’ll sign today. I mean, they have supported and backed up pretty much everything that they said they can do.
So, it’s been pretty amazing. It’s been a fantastic business. It’s changes. It’s different. It’s not the same day in and day out. You know it’s exciting.

We were looking for a business that we could continue for a long period time. And it was a struggle because I’m an entrepreneur and I’m always constantly looking around trying to find the next best thing. So, she doesn’t know whether EmbroidMe was just going to be the next best thing or if I actually found something. But, I think you know, seven years, eight years into it now, it’s proven itself as this is a business we want to say in and we enjoy it. We love it.


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