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Franchising Over 30 Years!

Plan Ahead Events Gave Me The Confidence I Need

December 2nd, 2013 by UFG Corp


PAE Becky Breshears from UFG Netcasts on Vimeo.


I bought into the franchise because I fell in love with the concept of event planning on such a large scope and having this great team of people to back me all the time. I was not disappointed when I went to training school, and I learned all the tools and all the ways that we could do events. I’ve learned a lot of what I didn’t know, and the brand of having a national or international company now behind me, gave me the confidence to go out into my community and to sell events. And, what I discovered after training school, and going out into the work force, is that having that Plan Ahead Events backing gave me the confidence to go into any organization or talk to any people as if I had been doing this my entire life. And I feel like without Plan Ahead Events it would’ve taken me months or maybe even years to build to the same level of momentum that I’ve already gotten within just a few months.


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