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Nightly News – Field of Heroes

Sometimes, you just don’t want your event to get any bigger. The Field of Heroes Memorial is like that for SIGNARAMA Pocatello owner, Dennis Jablonski.

The Field of Heroes Memorial in Pocatello, Idaho, honors all of those killed in action in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. Each of this year’s 6350 crosses bears a 1″x10″ weather resistant name tag stating the name, rank and date the soldier was killed. Dennis, himself an U.S. Air Force veteran, has donated signs, banners and name tags to the memorial for the last 7 years.

Starting with just 500 crosses in 2004, the Field of Heroes Memorial sadly grows larger every year. Strangers, church groups, and neighbors all pitch in to help Dennis and his crew with cutting out the small strips of banner material and applying them to each of the crosses.

If you do visit the Field of Heroes Memorial, Dennis has two pieces of advice for you: First, sign the banner that will be shipped to service members Afghanistan to show your support for them. Second, pick out one cross, one name. Write down that soldier’s name. When you get home, Google the soldier and find out more about him or her.

After doing this himself, Dennis learned of a single mother who had been trying to make a better life for herself and her young daughter. Killed in action, this single mother died making a better life for all of us.

On behalf of all SIGNARAMA owners, thank you, Dennis, for your continued service to your country. We are honored and grateful to have you as part of our family.

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Contact us today to learn more: