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Freedom by Franchising

September 2nd, 2011 by Matt Segall

This Labor Day, consider the freedom of owning your own business.  A corporate job has its benefits and security, but let’s face it….where does it take you? Making the switch from the corporate world to franchising seems quite scary, however there are so many advantages when you actually sit down and analyze the franchise concept.

I read a recent article that sparked my interest.  The author had left his corporate job to start his own franchise and realized quickly that he hadn’t truly evaluated his reasoning in seeking out franchising. He was simply tired of searching for another job and figured he was good at business so why couldn’t he just pick up a franchise.

Franchising works for the owner who is in the game for the right reason.  Having the right motive for owning your own business is the key to freedom.  Entrepreneurs who want to own a business through hard work with an in-the-game attitude make for very successful franchisees.  They take the approach that nothing is beneath them and that profits come from hard work even if it is a franchise model.

The support system in place in a franchise works for the owners who take advantage of it.  Our most successful franchisees utilize the tools and support our corporate staff here at EmbroidMe offer on a daily basis.  They actively participate in our mentor programs, advanced training modules, upgraded equipment, and unique vendor discount programs to help them deliver the best customer service.




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