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Franchising Over 30 Years!

Common Threads

August 26th, 2011 by Matt Segall

What do the beginning of a new school year, football season, and opening a new business all have in common?

They all need embroidery and branding services.  The EmbroidMe business model capitalizes on an industry where customers and business need customization on a large scale.  Customers come back time and again for reorders and new products. The EmbroidMe franchise business offers a customized service combined with a small business local community approach.

EmbroidMe Recession Proof Business Model

The model has been proven time and time again, with more than 300 stores now operating since the first store opened in 2000.  According to an article I recently read, there are 4 major qualities in a recession-proof business:

  1. Sell Essentials
  2. Serve a Customer Base Insulated from Economic Meltdown
  3. Provide Products that are Mandated
  4. Provide Products that are niche, proprietary, or customized

Our EmbroidMe owners embrace these features in their franchises to sustain the economic pressures during a recession.



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