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“Nearly every aspect of my career has had a significant presence of Apple devices in some way. I loved my career, but it became apparent that it was time for a career change. My experience working with Apple was just one of many reasons why Experimac stood out as the perfect opportunity for me. I love being at the cutting edge of technology and Apple platforms have always represented the peak of advanced computing. I’ve quit a job because they wouldn’t let me use Apple products, which says it all about my dedication to the brand.

There’s such an incredible demand for Apple products, but the reality is they’re often expensive when purchased new. There’s a large audience that wants those products but cannot afford the latest versions. People don’t fully realize that you can go back a few generations of Apple products and still have an effective product. This is what makes Experimac such an intriguing brand. I’m proud to be the first of what stands to be many Experimac locations around the country.”

– Neil K.

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