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Franchising Over 30 Years!

Jon Wilhelm

Jon Wilhelm

Jon brings 20+ years of CPA and executive leadership to the organization. Prior to joining UFG, Jon had significant impact and/or relationships with the founders of household names such as Shelby, Gucci Watches, Ugg, DC Shoes, and Flowbee. For the past 9 years, Jon has been perfecting the art of building a CPA practice, which is a delicate blend of professionalism and strategic marketing. Most CPAs never develop this necessary trait, creating a huge opportunity for this franchise.

Jon attended BYU and entered the Master’s Program. Jon has degreed majors in Economics, French, Marketing, and Information Systems from BYU and USC. His first job after graduation was as an IT consultant. After installing computer systems, Jon would help run them and developed a fondness for accounting. He thought it would be good to obtain a degree in Accounting, so he inquired about another MBA at Stanford. Instead, he was recruited by Stanford to join their PhD program in Accounting. His mentor there told him that he would need to become a CPA prior to graduation. Once he had that license, Jon decided that he didn’t need to pursue the PhD. Since becoming a CPA, Jon has had the opportunity to teach university classes in accounting and tax law.

Jon has had a number of business successes. One of the most public started as a passion project he developed between jobs. He loved Mustangs, especially Shelbys. While Carol Shelby was struggling financially, Jon was able to put together a business plan to help, which eventually led him to receiving the worldwide rights to the previously-neglected Shelby Mustang. Jon remains an avid Shelby and Mustang enthusiast and has a few in his stable.

Jon is married with three grown children: Becca, Britt, and Isaak. He currently lives in the Salt Lake City area and will be traveling to our office for several days every month.

Contact us today to learn more: 561-425-6829

Contact us today to learn more: