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“I was writing to let you know my experience with Jessica when she was in my store on the technical set up.

I found her to be quite knowledgeable and thorough. She had a list of what needed to be covered and made sure everything was addressed. In addition, she stayed well past closing time to help with the store set up which had only been partially completed. That was above and beyond what she was sent to do. I truly applaud her for that.”

– Joanna R. & Jean Z.

“After my first 2 years as a EmbroidMe Franchisee with no field help and questionable so called help after that Michelle Longueira was a breath of fresh air. She has supported our store for the last 2 years and what a difference she has made.

Coming from a management position I realize the difficulty of being in the middle and being required to wear two hats, one as a company person and one as a franchisee. She does this impeccably well. I find her to be dedicated, enthusiastic, reliable, and enthusiastic about her position and responsibilities.

I could go on and on about Michelle. I am so glad we have her as our field support and UFG should be too.”

– Pat C.

“Batchi and I wanted to extend special thanks for your outstanding and productive training you provided us last week. Every moment of every day contributed to our long way of learning and developing within EmbroidMe and this industry. Your teaching was detailed and thorough, your knowledge is admirable.

I enjoyed the long Quickbook//vision conversation we had till the very late hours of the night. I hope something will come out of it.”

– Eran + Batchi

“Good Afternoon! My name is Brandi Benson and I am the CAS at the newly opened EmbroidMe of Gulfport. I have had a really busy week and I am sorry that I am just getting a chance to Email you. I wanted to let you know how much I was impressed by Jessica! She was our cooperate trainer last week. She was extremely knowledgeable and sweet! What a great catch you all have there with her! Thank you so much for sending such a great girl to train us! I can’t imagine anyone better over there in EME Cooperate Land!”

– Brandi B.

“I Just wanted to send you a brief email to let you know about the always exceptional support we get from Michelle Longueira.

I recently hired an ORS who will be representing both my EmbroidMe store as well as our neighboring Sign-A-Rama. We’re all very excited about the partnering synergy with our sister company as we market to the same customer base as a “One Stop” Branding source.

Michelle and Bob Wakeley (for Sign-A-Rama) spent the better part of a day with us, reviewing our combined goals with our new rep, outlining the EME and SAR models, spending time on the road with our new rep making marketing calls (which turned into actual orders within just a few hours), and then provided us (the store owners) with ideas on how best to make this work.

I can’t thank Michelle enough for her continued commitment to insuring we have the tools we need to achieve success. If and when we get there, it will be due in a very large part to Michelle’s guidance and support.

Hold on to her with “white knuckles”.”

– Jeff H.

“I was born and raised in the franchise business and it wasn’t anything like what EmbroidMe offers. They did not lead my dad in a good path and so therefore I just didn’t believe in franchises until I went down to discovery days. And I sat down with people and talked to them there and then Ray finally told everything what we could and couldn’t have with it. And I was like, ‘If you can do everything that you just told me, I’ll sign today.’ They have supported and backed up pretty much everything that they said they can do. So, it’s been pretty amazing. It’s been a fantastic business. It changes. It’s different. It’s not the same day in and day out. It’s exciting.”

– Jill D.

“I chose EmbroidMe because I had a big connection with the community, and after a lot of research… I thought it was a perfect fit. The support that they had, and easing into this business as opposed to the business that I had was a perfect fit for me.”

– Angelo B.

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