Retail Division

Some of your favorite companies started out of a garage, including us. We began as a family business, just a father and his sons fixing and selling Apple®products in their community. Once the neighbors began to complain, we decided to move into our first retail location in West Palm Beach, Florida, back in 2012. Since then, while things have changed a lot around here, our focus on providing outstanding customer service in every community has stayed the same.

From Houston to Atlanta to Seattle to Cape Town and Sydney, the Experimax brand is reaching all corners of the globe with no signs of slowing. If there is not an Experimax in your community, it is only a matter of time. If you have an Experimax nearby, stop in and get to know your local Mac® hero today while checking out an impressive selection of affordably priced Apple products.

The future of EmbroidMe is now.  We recently announced the next evolution of our brand.  After operating for more than 16 years as EmbroidMe, we began to hear from our customers that they would like more products and services to help their business grow and to get more customers.  Our franchise owners began to expand from providing custom apparel and promotional products to also include printing and marketing services.  Following the lead of our successful business owners and their customers, we changed our name to Fully Promoted and we now offer Branded Products & Marketing Services.

Fully Promoted is your one-stop destination for small and medium-size businesses.  Our local experts provide not only the products and service but the solutions and ideas to help their customers get more customers.  The questions our owners and their employees ask every day is, “Are you Fully Promoted?”.